Philippines Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

is one of Davao’s most sought-after seafood restaurants. The overall concept of the restaurant recognizes the inevitability of becoming pretty messy while enjoying our great food. We have thus embodied the Boiling Crabs and Shrimps experience in our tagline:

“Deliciously Messy!”

As the name indicates, our specialties are seafood which is mixed with our very own irrepressible creation of Cajun Special Sauce, along with corn cobs and other extras such as sausages and boiled potatoes.

Our story


It started in year 2013, Blue Posts was redesigned into a casual-dining haunt. The place owes its reinvention to Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Jennifer Ang who in one of their trips noticed the emergence of casual-dining seafood restaurants. One of these restaurants was so distinct it boasted a “messy finger-licking” dining style which reminded the couple of the very Pinoy “kamay-kainan” dining way. The Angs knew at once that they had to bring the same concept to Davao City.

Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps has always been known for its dining experience, dining in with bare hands with a Blue Post Bib, making it a “Deliciously Messy” experience which become a great success throughout the years even amidst the pandemic. The secret behind this success is the different flavorful sauces we match our crabs and shrimps and the overall experience that gives every diner who enters the restaurants.

Customers can freely choose from a wide roster of seafood placed in a food grade boiling bag mixed with the signature Blue Posts Cajun Special sauces, along with corn cobs and other extras such as sausages and boiled potatoes. Customers can choose whether they prefer it regular, mild, or spicy hot. Whatever level of flavor you pick, the dishes remain interesting, mouthwatering, and worth going back to.

And as the brand continues to grow and innovate, it now emerges to the name Philippines Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps and will continue to be Davao’s most sought-after seafood restaurants, with the overall concept that recognizes the inevitability of becoming pretty messy while enjoying the great food. Throughout the years, it serves as the go-to restaurant of families, friends, colleagues when visiting Davao – your destination place in Davao!


To be the Philippines’ restaurant of choice.


To provide an exceptional, innovative, and contemporary dining experience that satisfies our guest’s taste by being a cut above in everything we do.



Challenges fuels us.

Belief in People.

We trust each individual.


Team together, team apart.


We do what we say.


We always do the right thing.


We never stop from delighting our guest.

Sense of Ownership.

We run the business as our own.


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